LUCHA LIBRE (Mexican professional wrestling)

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Mexican “LUCHA LIBRE” (literal translation is “free-style wrestling)  is the term used in Mexico for professional wrestling. Lucha Libre has become a true symbol of the Mexican identity and a unique pop-culture phenomenon admired around the world.

The origin date back to 1863 when a Mexican wrestler, Enrique Ugartechea, first developed the art of ‘free-style’ wrestling based on Greco-Roman wrestling traditions.

The Lucha Libre is one of the  biggest spectator activities in Mexico just behind in popularity after football (soccer). The "LUCHADORES" are characterized by colorful masks, a lot of spandex (Lycra), flamboyant personalities and incredible athletic skills.  

The moves of the luchadores are highly stylized. A unique combination of rapid sequences of holds and maneuvers, "high-flying" (aerial) maneuvers and speedy acrobatic combos that are impressive to watch in action. Make no mistake, it’s an edge-of-your-seat spectacle like no other.

The basic plot in a lucha libre match is the “tecnicos” (considered the good guys) versus the “rudos” (the antagonist in the fight).

No luchador will reveal his or her real name while in character. The wearing of masks has developed special significance and they will not  remove it without being forced to because loosing their mask involves great shame and a loss of status.

The most famous luchador is “El Santo” (a.k.a. Rodolfo Guzmán Huerta). He was a professional wrestler and the star of movies, TV shows and comics. El Santo passed away in 1984 but his fame continues to this day.

The luchadores masks have become iconic symbols of Mexican culture. This is the reason we made our own tribute to them with our “LUCHADOR COLLECTION”.


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