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The famous “Keep Calm and Carry On poster” dates back to 1939 and was produced by the British government in preparation for World War II. The motivational poster was intended to boost the morale of the general population. Although more than 2 million copies were printed, the poster was rarely publicly displayed during that time. Finally, in the year 2000 a copy was rediscovered in a bookshop and rapidly gained fame around the world.

To us, this precious poster comprises the whole idea of British stoicism, fortitude, resilience, and remaining calm in moments of adversity.

We really love it and decided to make our own version with our characteristic Mexican humor.

The Keep Calm Collection has several products with variations of the original slogan. We hope you like it!


Keep calm I'm legal white tshirtKeep calm i'm legal red sweatshirt

Keep Calm I'm Legal Coffee Mug MexicandooKeep Calm and drink cafecito coffee mug Mexicandoo

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