Mexican Pinata Piñata Large and Foldable

In Mexico, a pinata (piñata) is a must on every kid’s birthday or during the posadas, Christmas, and many other fiestas! Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the fun of having a piñata at your next party! They are great for any birthday, Posada, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, Cinco de Mayo, or any other celebration.

These traditional 5-point star pinatas are handmade by Mexican artisans from a small town in Puebla. Each pinata is made from colorful tissue paper and recycled cardboard so is a sustainable and eco-friendly product.

The innovative foldable design is extremely practical and functional, so you can transport or store it easily. Our piñatas are big, they measure 32” from tip to tip but also they are light, colorful and festive definitely a great party decoration.

The piñata can hold up to 6 lbs of candies and treats so there will be plenty for everyone at the party. Also, you can use it just as a beautiful Mexican decoration and reuse it any time you want.

They are extremely easy to prepare! Just open the package, carefully unfold the pinata, fill with candies or treats, and snap the adhesive tape together to close.

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