Mexican Handmade Palm Baskets / Tortilleros

Beautiful handmade baskets carefully designed and woven by Mexican artisans in its own unique and exquisite craft. Due to their artisan craftsmanship, measurement and colors may vary slightly. Each piece is unique!

Our “Eco Friendly” baskets are made of palm fronds, a biodegradable material that doesn’t contaminate or harm the environment, whether in their production, use or disposal.

These multipurpose baskets can be used as a traditional tortilla warmer (tortillero Mexicano). Also, you can serve other kind of food such as pancakes, tortilla chips, bread, cookies, etc. These Mexican handmade palm baskets have a decorative and utilitarian purpose because they are fine-looking and can be used to store several things at your home.

Below you will find the links to each one of our beautiful handmade baskets (tortilleros). Click over the photo that you like to be redirected to the product listing at our store front: