Mexican Handcrafts / Artesanias Mexicanas

We want to bring a little piece of Mexico and our culture in every product we sell. Each Mexican handcraft (artesanía Mexicana) is made by Mexican artisan hands.

Mexican Artisan Artesana Mexicana

We are proud to be a small family run “Fair Trade” company. We decided to create a “fair trade” company to help our fellow countryman specially artisans (artesanos) who are the most vulnerable group in Mexico.  Fair trade means that we pay a fair price to artisans and small producers for their creations. That gives them an opportunity for a sustainable development to continue doing what they love.

We went through great lengths to make sure that all our products are made of the best quality material. Anyone that wants to embrace a piece of Mexican culture will adore our handcrafts.

You can buy these products in our Mexicandoo Amazon Store Front:(

At this moment we have three category of handcrafts: