How to make homemade Sweet Guava-Cream Cheese Tamales (tamales dulces)

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The “Tamales” (Tamale) is probably one of our favorite comfort food in Mexico. They are part of important holidays, parties, family celebrations, etc. You can find them in street corners or even in small bicycle carts that go around at certain times of the day announcing and selling the delicious hot tamales.

What is a “tamale”?

A tamale is a corn dough (masa) bonded together with some kind of grease (usually lard). Inside the dough is a key filling that could be pork, chicken, beef, fish, cheese, vegetables or fruits. The dough and the filling are wrapped with either a corn husk or banana leaf and then cooked on an open fire or steamed. When served, the tamale will be hot and it’s eaten directly from the corn husk or banana leaf.

There are hundreds of different tamale recipes, they represent regional gastronomic styles with their distinctive ingredients and flavors. Also, each Mexican family has its own particular flavor that is passed down from generation to generation.

Here we are presenting a delicious and original recipe from chef Rick Bayless to prepare Sweet Guava-Cream Cheese Tamales (Tamales Dulces de Ate de Guayaba y Queso Crema). This video recipe is in English, so you can follow along with no problem. Chef Rick Bayless will show you the step-by-step techniques for creating fluffy, rich and delicious sweet tamales (tamales dulces).

Enjoy this Mexican tradition of Tamales in your next breakfast, party or family celebration!

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